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Terms and Conditions

Kindly read the Terms & Conditions to avoid any misunderstanding or needlessly an unpleasant scenario. We sincerely believe that you must go through it thoroughly, understand and clarify the doubt before starting your lessons.. It is to be done at the onset of the professional relationship and is in the best interest of our clients and students.



  1. 3DHT levies a onetime registration fees which is non refundable.

  2. Registered Parents/Students must ensure a counseling session by our reputed counselors before beginning the classes. Call 7666031009 for prior appointment of counseling.

  3. The Parents/Students need to cross verify the tutor details with the academy. For safety reasons, don’t entertain any other tutor who has not been referred by 3DHT.

  4. The Parents/Students should keep the discussion limited to the academics aspect only with tutors.

  5. The Parents/Students must keep the academy informed of the class record every month. Feel free to contact us if any uninformed irregularity of classes is noticed.

  6. The Parents/Students must respond to the feedback calls/ mails by 3DHTand give accurate information.

  7. If the Parents/Students are not satisfied by the tutors* (read the parent’s guidelines), 3DHT shall give up to 2 replacements.

  8. The minimum prices of tuition services vary from region, areas, and requirements of Parents/Students.

  9. The allotment of tutors is a sole-  discretion of the company. We allot a tutor understanding your needs. Any requirement that has not been precisely mentioned before or filled in the form will not be accepted as a term later.

  10. None of the tutors should be contacted by parents/ students directly. If the parents are found making any direct/indirect attempt to approach a tutor directly (without the permission of 3D) , 3DHT is entitled to receive the compensation of the action. Suitable actions shall be initiated.

  11. At any point if you wish to change a tutor ; we request you to SMS /Email us the reasons and allow us a 5-8 working days time to work on this.

  12. Replacement of tutors is a feature we offer on your request/if the tutor leaves midway of the assignment. We do not charge you any extra fee for replacing the tutor upto 3 times.

  13. All classes have to be amicably set. Adjustment in the class time and days is expected from both the parents and the tutor to have smooth classes functioning. 3D team or officials never commit  a particular class timing.  Incase your days/time are not setting up at all ; pls feel free to contact our office for help.

  14. 3D gives holiday to the tutors and the students on all major vacations including Holi, Raksha Bandhan, Dahi Handi, Ganpati , Eid , Diwali, Christmas and New Year.

  15. You are entitled to have our full support for the period signed-up for any guidance of planning the lessons, admissions, exam orientation and even academic counseling. Counseling available for Age 12 years and above is free of cost upto 2 times in a year. Incase you need more sessions, pls contact our office .

  16. Results of any student are a subject to the child’s potential and will power. The tutor shall put efforts to improve the student’s performance and the parents must inspire the student to learn and follow the inputs of the tutors and institution.

  17. We accept payments via cheque, cash, DD, draft, RTGS, NEFT. Kindly contact the office
    for further details.

  18. A fee once paid to the academy is non-refundable under any circumstances. The fee paid is exchangeable/tutor could be replaced for the service.

  19. Late payment shall be levied if they given payment module is not followed. (in the case
    of installment in fees)

  20. 3D reserves the right to revise the fee structure in future without any further notice.

  21. Incase any queries related to above ; call 7666031009 for support.